A close name and close proximity is causing trouble for an Arnold outfitter

Hidden Valley vs. Hidden Hills
Hidden Valley Outfitters is not affiliated with Hidden Hills in any way according to website.
Hidden Valley Outfitters is not affiliated with Hidden Hills in any way according to website.(Courtesy Photo)
Published: Oct. 24, 2020 at 2:11 AM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Guided hunting, making the news recently. Unfortunately, one business in Arnold, Nebraska is being harmed by the actions of another.

Due to misunderstanding and two names which are quite similar; Hidden Valley Outfitters of Arnold is taking some of the heat brought on by the actions of Hidden Hills Outfitters of Broken Bow.

Look again, and look closely: Hidden VALLEY Outfitters is near Arnold. Hidden HILLS Outfitters is near Broken Bow. The two businesses are pretty near one another geographically, but could not be further apart in practice.

Customers and visitors to the Arnold business are giving rave reviews about service and ethical practices by Arnold’s Hidden Valley Outfitters. One man writing on Facebook,

Cory Peterson of Arnold, and Dan Blowers of Gothenburg are the owners of Hidden Valley Outfitters in Arnold. They are not affiliated with Hidden Hills Outfitters in Broken Bow in any way. And they want people to know that.

And why would they?

The Broken Bow business recently made national attention after several people were charged with illegal hunting practices. Hunters, coming from at least 21 states for hunting adventures; paying top dollar to take home a trophy.

It was proven in court that the Broken Bow version of this business model included using whatever means necessary to send a dead animal home with the buyer.

But the outfitters in Arnold had nothing to do with the illegal activity at Broken Bow.

The Arnold business wants the misunderstanding cleared up so they can get back to business without the added stress of the confusion.

Arnold Insurance Agency, on Facebook, is pleading with people to help untangle the connection which does not even exist, other than in proximity of location, and similar names.

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