Nebraska town takes steps toward defending life

Curtis could be the third Sanctuary City for the Unborn in Nebraska
City of Curtis
City of Curtis(News 2)
Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 11:01 AM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - On Wednesday several citizens attended a regular city council meeting for the City of Curtis to hear how their leaders would vote concerning an ordinance which would make performing an abortion or aiding and abetting an abortion illegal within the city limits of Curtis, Nebraska. On the first vote, three city council members voted in favor of outlawing abortion within the city limits and one council member abstained from voting. In order for the ordinance to go into effect it must survive two more readings by the Curtis City Council.

Curtis City Council
Curtis City Council(News 2)

The Mayor and City Council say they are not against the plan, but they want to have their city attorney look over the ordinance prior to November’s regular meeting. According to the Mayor of Hayes Center, Kimberle Primavera, Attorney Jon Schroeder has seen this matter before. Schroeder is the attorney for the Village of Hayes Center - a village whose leadership is almost entirely made up of women. In April Hayes Center became the first city in Nebraska to pass an ordinance outlawing abortion within their city limits and was soon followed a week later by the City of Blue Hill, Nebraska.

Hayes Center’s Mayor attended the City of Curtis’ Wednesday night council meeting, describing how Hayes Center came to pass an ordinance of this nature. Mayor Primavera shared, “If the village of Hayes Center is ever sued, we have a letter from Jonathan F. Mitchell, the former Solicitor General of Texas, who is willing to represent the Village of Hayes Center at no cost to our village or our taxpayers.”

Attorney Jonathan F. Mitchell is a former law-clerk for Justice Scalia and has been quoted in Supreme Court Opinions by conservative Justices Alito and Thomas. Mitchell has also been praised as the architect of the private enforcement mechanism on the Texas Heartbeat Law - the famous abortion ban in Texas which prevents an abortion from being performed on any unborn child with a detectable heartbeat. The law, which is currently in effect, is the first law of its kind which has not been stopped by the courts.

To explain the proposed ordinance at the meeting was Mark Lee Dickson of Texas. Dickson is a director with Right To Life of East Texas and the founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative.

As of this week, there are now 40 cities across America with ordinances outlawing abortion within their city limits. The ordinances vary in how they are enforced but, according to Dickson, all ordinances are enforceable. The Nebraska Ordinances contain a fine for anyone who performs an abortion or aids and abets an abortion. None of the ordinances outlawing abortion, across the United States, penalize the mother of the unborn child. Dickson argued that the ordinance does not prevent women who live within the City of Curtis from going elsewhere to obtain an abortion, but it does prevent that act from ever taking place within the City of Curtis.

In January of this year the Biden Administration committed to abortion access in every single zip code in America. In response to Biden’s commitment, a total of 23 cities have passed ordinances outlawing abortion this year alone as cities have sought to make sure Biden’s promise does not become a reality in their zip code.

When Hayes Center became the first city in Nebraska to outlaw abortion, Governor Pete Ricketts weighed in on the matter, telling KNOP News, “Nebraska is a pro-life state, and communities are working to recognize and protect innocent life in a variety of ways. The Biden-Harris Administration is pushing a radical, pro-abortion agenda, and Nebraska must do everything we can to stand against the abortion lobby.”

Lt. Governor Mike Foley has also weighed in on the issue, calling the actions of cities like Hayes Center and Blue Hill “very constructive.” In an interview with the Grand Island Independent, Foley stated, “It sends a message to the wider community that there are many pockets, all across our state and country, where people are pro-life and want unborn lives protected, and at least in their community they’re going to build a sanctuary where those unborn lives can be protected. I hope many cities will take [Mark Lee Dickson] up on his challenge and have their city councils and mayors consider such ordinances.”

Dickson encourages all Nebraska residents who wish to see abortion outlawed in their city to sign the online petition at Dickson claims that as long as one’s city is an incorporated city, their city can pass an ordinance outlawing abortion within their city limits.

An offer was also made by Dickson to any city or village wishing to consider taking such action: “If you are a mayor, city council member, or a village board member in a city or a village which wishes to see this become a reality, let us know. We will be glad to get you an ordinance which is backed by free legal representation behind it.” Dickson continued, “In a world where the Biden Administration has committed to abortion access in every zip code, every single one of our cities and villages need to be having this discussion.”

The next scheduled council meeting for the City of Curtis will be Wednesday, November 10th. If the City of Curtis passes the ordinance on a second and a third reading, abortion will officially become outlawed in Curtis, Nebraska.

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